The before

The before photo!

A few years ago my dad gave me a doll’s house that he had built from a kit. He asked me to paint it and give it back to him. The house was small, but even so, it looked like it would be a pain in my rear end to paint. There were lots of intricate pieces and fiddly places that I knew would be difficult to get a brush into. But something about the house settled with me. I wanted to paint it and see it pretty and complete. It deserved to be finished. So I agreed to do it. Obviously not quickly, but I did get as far as taking it home and putting it on a shelf in my office. Then I waited for inspiration to strike.

And one day it did. But not in the way that I thought it would. As I sat and looked at that little house a story evolved. It became the basis of my novel It Started With A House. In my book I described the house as a cross between a gingerbread house and the house of horrors. The gingerbread house because of the scrolled gables, and the house of horrors because that was exactly what it was going to be to complete – just like the doll’s house. In my mind, as in the book, I saw the little house being transformed. Of course, this only happened in the book, as my doll’s house  never made it past the undercoat stage, but one day it will.

Then last night I was scrolling through Pinterest and guess what I found – my exact dolls house that someone had made to look like ginger bread! Even though the heroin of my story would never paint her house to look like a gingerbread house, I couldn’t help but be amazed that someone out there had the same vision that I’d had. They however, also had the inclination which seems to be something I’m lacking.

But who knows, maybe they will inspire me to pull out my house and actually finish painting it. And if I do, sorry Dad, there’s no way I’ll ever be giving it back!


The ‘If Only I Could Be Bothered’ photo.

The If Only I could Be Bothered photo

Thanks Pinterest!