Killer Unleashed

“Who knew one little dog could cause so much trouble? This was a thoroughly enjoyable read that had me laughing out loud from start to finish!” — Gemma Halliday, New York Times bestselling mystery author.

“In this peaceful neighborhood, sinister things begin to happen. KILLER UNLEASHED is an exciting who-done-it with a little romance on the side. You will fall in love with this sweet dog, cheer for Chloe, and have a crush on Brody. I recommend this feel-good mystery novel, and thank Beth Prentice for a delightful read.”— Fresh Review by

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“You have Facebook?” I asked Grandma. “Yep and I got Twitter too. I’m following Tom Jones. And now that I’ve got the right Tom Jones it’s even interesting, I saw a picture of his new Welly boots yesterday.”

Give Murder A Hand

It Started With A House

“A delightful fun read from start to finish. Murder and mayhem, romance and a dysfunctional family all contribute to an entertaining volume that is hard to put down” — Judge, 3rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards.

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It started with a House

Meet Lizzie. She’s 31 and having a midlife crisis. So she bought a house. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time!

It Started with a Christmas Tree

Lizzie’s back! It’s her first Christmas with Riley and time for a new tradition. This year it’s a real tree that Lizzie wants.

Killer Unleashed

Meet Chloe. She’s 30, has a house, a best friend and absolutely no idea how to say no. So she gains a dog. In his world he’s the size of The Rock, but in reality he fits into her handbag.

Give Murder a Hand

As Lizzie uncovers yet another secret that the house hides, Will she find the truth before the For Sale sign gets hammered into the ground? All this and more revealed in my latest book.

Cover reveal for the amazing Diane Morasco’s new book

Cover reveal for the amazing Diane Morasco’s new book

An amazing honor – The cover reveal for ‘Inspirational Anchors To Ground You Through The Waves of Life’ I am truly honoured to have been trusted with the reveal of the cover for Diane Morasco’s upcoming novel. Inspirational Anchors To Ground You Through The Waves of...

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Thank you tracTag and Chimu Adventures!

I can't begin to describe the month that I've had. It's been amazing!! I still can't believe I won this absolutely awesome prize. I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to Tractag and Chimu Adventures for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime - to complete the...

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